Rick Hoppman's Macro Photos

Aug 11, 2017 at 11:02 am by -gToon

Rick Hoppman is a wonderful photographer. His love of nature and photographic skills enable him to take remarkable photographs of everything from tiny snails to ruins and mysterious monuments in the forest. As you can see from the Creative Common's photos of "Tiny Worlds" (as he calls them) in the gallery above, he is also a poet of nature.

Be sure to visit his website and read his blog to learn more about this remarkable award-winning photographer. And be sure to visit his Archive.org photo collection to download or screen many of his photos.

​Hi I'm Rick and I love the forest!
I'm a game developer & photographer from Germany (currently living in Cologne).
​Right now I'm studying Digital Games at the Cologne Game Lab
My family inspired me to develop a love for nature and children's books.
I think this created the passion to create little worlds both in my games and photos.

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