Maisie Milkshake by Biscuits

Jul 23, 2017 at 11:02 am by -gToon

Maisie Milkshake by Biscuits

Biscuits is a top seller and exclusive vendor at Renderosity. This artist is especially good with hair creation, but I also think that character creation is outstanding. The Maisie Milkshake image caught my eye while browsing at the Renderosity site and I immediately marked for a return visit.

The character is almost a stop-motion figure with exaggerated color and a fore-lorn expression. I love the set and the framing of the scene. Biscuits really knows how to render and image as well.

Biscuits Bio:

**enter image description here**

I just love 3D, it's my passion for sure.

The problem with it is, there are so many different fun things to create!

Like hair, interior design, characters, texture design and to choose!?

Let me know if you have a fun freebie suggestion for me!

enter image description here

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