Ruffled Extravagance by auntietk

Oct 02, 2015 at 05:41 am by -gToon

Ruffled Extravagance by auntietk

auntietk is the renderosity member choice for artist of the month for October and looking at this gorgeous flower photograph you can easily see why.

Ruffled Extravagance (perfectly titled) is a wonder of macro photography, which is not an easy type of photograph to get right. Color is the first thing that stands out. Auntietk wisely chose to light the flower with emphasis on the edges where you can see the amazing variety of translucent veins.

Framing slightly to the left gives the image a bit of an off-balance feel as if it were snapped quickly like in a documentary, but Ruffled Extravagance is clearly a well thought out photograph. I love how the flower edges converge to the bottom which is slightly darker that the top. And the black background is so right to emphasize the shape and color of the flower.

Auntietk's gallery is full of images like these. I highly recommend visiting her gallery and reading some of her wonderful poetry. I've created a video of several striking photographs from her gallery. You can view that video below.

She and her husband are travelers and they keep a photographic journal which is also quite interesting and fun.

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