CyberForce by SeanE

Apr 06, 2017 at 10:33 pm by -gToon

CyberForce by SeanE

SeanE is a professional color-artist for digital comics and graphic novels. He works in collaboration with other artists who do the layout and the pencil work. As you can see from CyberForce, SeanE's work is outstanding. In fact, his entire gallery is a jaw-dropping experience. He's helped create wonderful images of Marve's Dr. Strange, Thor, the Avengers and many, many more.

What I particularly like about CyberForce is the pose of the central character along with the color working to focus your attending on the three heads in the center of the image. The cool grays and blues and light browns swirl around the central white character heads with the only touch of red being the disembodied head. Great sense of movement and mood, also.

Note that the pencil work was created by Marc Silvestri and the inks by Matt James.

You will love SeanE's Gallery at He recently won the Artist of the Month for April and you can read his interview here.