Black Beauty by Rae134

Mar 30, 2017 at 11:02 pm by -gToon

Black Beauty by Rae134

Rae134 is a Renderosity artist with a gift for creating nature scenes with horses. The skill and talent that goes into Rae134's work is so impressive. I particularly like the life-like posing and the arrangement of the horses (and riders) in each scene. Black Beauty is on of this artists best works and like so many of our featured images tells a story. Who is it off frame right that the horses are responding to? You can see that they love whoever it is. The little pony is lifting it's nose up like it's going to get some treats!

I also love the color and lighting in the scene. The breaking clouds in the back provide a bold background to the three horses posed in the foreground. The quality of the horse models is awesome, too.

Please take a moment and head over to Rae134's gallery at Renderosity for more wonderful artworks.

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