Return of the Horned God by ghila

Mar 09, 2017 at 10:23 pm by -gToon

Return of the Horned God by ghila

ghila is a highly skilled Bryce artist who specializes in epic scenes of barbarians, gods and fantasy characters. His ability to frame an action scene or create an action portrait is amazing. I also love his sense of color; all of his images are filled with vibrant color which makes them pop out of the frame.

Return of the Horned God caught my eye. It reminded me of scenes from Robert Howards Conan stories - a mysterious, powerful god who will have his way no mater what. I love the little details in the image like the flies around the gods head and crow on its shoulder. A masterful portrait that tells a story and makes you want to know more about the character and scene.

You'll find more excellent fantasy work at ghila's gallery at

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