JT2XTREME - Elvis Edition by jt2xtreme

Feb 23, 2017 at 10:50 pm by -gToon

JT2XTREME - Elvis Edition by jt2xtreme

Elvis imagery is ubiquitous around the world. The style of that great entertainments has somehow become part of world culture. But many representations of Elvis are parodies or cliche. They lack the filter of an artists imagination to give them a spark of uniqueness.

jt2xtreme is definitely one of those artists who knows how to bring Elvis to life. For one thing, he doesn't try to reproduce literally. The face is similar to that of Elvis, but it's unique and original. There's also a muscularity to Elvis that is great. In a sense, it modernizes him giving him a contemporary sex appeal. The woman on her knees in nearly violent praise is also a great touch.

JT2XTREME - Elvis Edition is a wonderful example of how to re-create an iconic image so that it's alive and original. Great work, jt2xtreme. Be sure to visit this talented artists gallery at Renderosity.com for me interesting work.

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