Hamrum Farm 2 by sossy

Jan 23, 2017 at 03:10 pm by -gToon

Hamrum Farm 2 by sossy

Sossy is a talented photographer from Germany who loves outdoor photography. Hamrum Farm 2 was shot while he was visiting Norway. Here's what sossy has to say about the photo:

Norway, Fjaerland

Hamrum Farm:
In the white building lives the son of our landlord. In the background you can see the stable and barn in red.

The CABLES are a great problem in norway, almost everywhere the cables are disturbing a nice capture ;o((((
I tried to clean it but then there was a white and empty sky ;o((((

His description is humble as he doesn't mention the incredible color he's captured in this photo. Also, the composition is multi-layered leaving the viewer with a foreground, mid-ground and background which is no easy task while photographing outdoors. I just love the sense of calm the photo gives. You want to know who the people are who live in the building. There's also a wonderful sense of time in the shot; you feel as if, despite the photo being in the present, that the past is hovering around the home somehow.

Sossy has some wonderful photos in his gallery at Renderosity. I highly recommend you stop by and enjoy them.

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