Mon Ami Gabi - Portrait by akulla

Jan 12, 2017 at 06:29 pm by -gToon

Mon Ami Gabi - Portrait by akulla

From akulla's bio at Renderosity:

I fancy myself sort of a Neo-Techno Agnostic. I believe in what technology has done for the human condition, allowing us to feed our minds in the direction we see fit. With that in mind I have come here to create stuff on the path my mind moves me. My interests are many and my ultimate goal is to reach Nirvana without having to restrict others with my quest. In TRW I am a Web Application Architect, that is to say I make websites for others the way they want them. For those who follow my work or just plain like it -- I am very happy for your support and encouragement. I hope to fully push the imagination that the divine has given me. In the immortal words of that logical character Spock. "Live long and prosper".

Akulla's Mon Ami Gabi is a remarkable portrait. The expression and attitude of the central character is so well portrayed. One almost gets the sense that Gabi is judging your gaze, which is a wonderful way of critiquing the cliche "male gaze" found in so much cheese cake imagery. Mon Ami Gabi is definitely not cheesecake, although the woman portrayed is erotic and mysterious. I like the subtle way akulla emphasizes the eroticism: tight area around her corset, the texture of the leather and the direct gaze of Gabi. The scene is also beautifully lit and rendered with just the right amount of 2D/toon style.

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