Juke Box by claude19

Nov 26, 2016 at 11:34 pm by -gToon

Juke Box by claude19

claude19 is one of my favorite artists. His work with fractal art is very much like how a painter paints on a canvas. The fact that he is able to achieve such variety in textures and colors by crunching fractal formulas is remarkable. A painter will simple paint directly on the canvas, but a fractal artist has to know the coding formulas to achieve the effects he/she desires. Which, to my mind, is much, much more difficult.

Juke Box is a masterpiece of fractal art as it transcends the fractal nature of the image and becomes something entirely original. Great artists are always able to create so that the medium disappears in the creation of their art. Juke Box has such rich colors that are combined into, well, a kind of juke box of color. Also, the way the colors are interspersed and combined delights the eye and forces the viewer to react emotionally to the image. I'm so impressed with claude19's work and Juke Box is one of his best.

Please, stop by and view claude19's gallery at Renderosity.com to see more wonderous fracal art by a true artist.

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