Big Eyes by ACue

Nov 25, 2016 at 01:07 pm by -gToon

Big Eyes by ACue

Obviously, the eyes are the focal point of this wonderful DAZ|Studio portrait, but there are other elements that are equally well done. The textures, for one thing, are so perfect that you don't event pay much attention to them. That's the way a portrait works; all of the elements come together so subtly that you don't focus on any one thing in particular. I love the hair and cap modeling/texturing as well. The whole portrait works so well that you have a emotional response to the this appealing young woman. This is excellent work and we are very glad to include it in our featured images gallery.

In posting this image, ACue had this to say about its creation:

This is a little whimsical render, merging an older figure (Laura 3) with extreme morphs and an Aiko 3 texture (Sylfie) with a bit of tweaks, rendered in IRay with an IRay light set up in DS. Thanks to Aprilsvanity for the Harper Beanie Hair prop. Hope you like it.

Be sure to visit ACue's Gallery at for more interesting and well crafted images and photographs.

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