The Gig! by Fredel

Sep 15, 2016 at 02:29 pm by -gToon

The Gig! by Fredel

From Fredel's bio at

I'm Frederik, 25 Years old and i'm from that 'marvelous' City called Dusseldorf in Germany.I'm a self-taught Artist, working with every media, that allows me to create new worlds.When it comes to CGI, i'm mostly working with Poser & Blender. I love doing Portraits and i love Poser to give me the ability to create an illusion of realism (at least sometimes ;) ). So mostly you will find portraits in my Gallery, which i will expand from time to time.So, feel free to look around and give me a shout if you have any questions or critics (which i also very appreciate.)

I also have a Facebook Page, where i put some of my artworks, incl. Renders.

Frederik is a highly skilled artist especially in character creation. The Gig is his most recent work and is emblematic of the style and quality that he frequently posts to Renderosity galleries.

The Gig has a great dynamic framing and pulses with energy, very much like its subject matter: rock performer on stage.
The angle of the microphone and the performers elbow creates a mood of strength and power. And the design of the character is wonderful. I love the fact that you don't see the whole model, but with the cool jewelry and fingernails (not to mention hair and lips) you get the impression this is a very powerful and tough woman.

Fredel has a great affinity for female models and his gallery is filled with outstanding poses and figures. Please stop by his gallery and take a look. I think you'll find his work a great pleasure.