Evil Alien Priest by mrthirdeyeching

Aug 25, 2016 at 02:24 pm by -gToon

Evil Alien Priest by mrthirdeyeching

Renderosity Zbrush artist, mrthirdeyeching, is a master at creature creation. Although I've chosen Evil Alien Priest as an example of his excellent work, there are literally dozens of creature images I could have picked that are equally as good.

What impresses with Evil Alien Priest is the palpable sense of a real creature staring back at you. The tight lips and wrinkled nose show an attitude by the creature that is judgmental and hostile. The leather-like quality of the "holy robes" is a perfect contrast to the pale, mottled skin of the alien.

The careful texturing and details on the clothing contribute to the overall sense of a real, breathing (and pissed off) creature before you.

Evil Alien Priest is a masterful creation and mrthirdeyeching is a very talented artist. I highly recommend a visit to his gallerywhere you will find some remarkable creatures all created in Zbrush.

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