Asmodea by pregiato

Aug 19, 2016 at 01:05 pm by -gToon

Asmodea by pregiato

Adobe Photoshop is an amazing application. It's a tool that continues to surprise because so many artists are able to use it in unique and original ways. Pregiato, an italian artist, is a very talented Photoshop artist. Just look at his gallery at and you'll understand.

I'm particularly fond of pregiato's Asmodea. It's interesting that pregiato chose asmodea as his title as it's also the title of a famous Goya painting. Both images have in common the subject of the fantastic. Asmodea, in pregiato's image, is that of a strange, supernatural woman whose lips drip blood. Her face is partly in shadows with a shawl over her head. Both of these elements add mystery to an already weird character.

enter image description here

The original image was a costume test by deviant artist Reine-Haru. It's interesting to see both images side by side as you can see the mystery and uncanny qualities of pregiato's changes so clearly.

Pregiato's gallery is filled with superb photos and photo manipulated images. I strongly urge you to discover this excellent artists works.

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