Emergence by CajunBeauty

Aug 06, 2016 at 10:55 pm by -gToon

Emergence by CajunBeauty

Cajun Beauty's Emergence is such a great example of how a talented, feeling artist can push the boundaries of realism with color, subject and style. This wonderful image has so many things going for it. The subject has such a subdued eroticism that is not cliched or fetishized. I love the slightly shy posture of the character and the punkish/fun expression on her face. The background is deliberately vague in order to focus on the main character at the center.

The style is slightly exaggerated pushing towards cartoon, but the subtle nature of her expression makes the character very believable. The colors are wonderful, too. Exaggerated, but they don't push. The hair is especially well rendered and just about hide the small horns.

This is marvelous work by a very talented artist.

Be sure to visit cajunbeauty's gallery at Renderosity.com as there are many beautiful images in this talented artists gallery.

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