What inspires you?

Sep 11, 2015 at 05:39 pm by Warlord720

Just listening to a good song inspires me. I focus on the lyrics and always find meaning behind them. From there, I usually feel inclined to write my thoughts, feelings and dreams down on a piece of paper or in a word document.

When it comes to inspiration, it's not hard to find nearly everywhere you go. You might feel inspired by life situations, painting, art or other people. No matter what makes you feel as if you have to create a 3D model, a portrait, take a photo or simply write, these are all forms of expression that allow us to think and feel inspired.

So, in order to get some more feedback, I asked some community members a simple question: What inspires you?

"Inspiration is everywhere! Other folk's art. Trying to figure out how someone else solved a problem is inspiring! How DO you light a scene using only the statue's eyes? A famous artist's output! Can that be done with Poser? With Poser & Photoshop? Poser, Photoshop, 15 destructive filters & hot glue? A lyric from a (county) song! "he's a snake with blue eyes, leaning up against the record machine!"


"What inspires me to create art....?

It brings me joy! It's a passion, a distraction and frustration in one, but above all a great love. There are a lot of topics that inspire me fashion, beauty, design, fantasy and sci-fi.

And I have a love for surreal art. I used to collect books and magazines, to collect triggers for my muse.

Even a random page in the dictionary can trigger ideas.

But what I cherish most and gives the most original ideas, is the need of something that isn't created yet. You search and you can't find it and then you can create it!

Fun and useful in one! Creating can give one the feeling of freedom and purpose, it's like imagine it and make it happen."


"In answer to your question what inspires art: sometimes it's an emotion like wanting to say "pensive" or "determination" or "torn-between-conflicting-ideas", sometimes it's virtual doodling - open Poser, load up a bunch of stuff, try a bunch of different poses and mess with lighting and colours, and sometimes it's to create something specific, like in the previous instance I'm not really pleased on how a rough-stone building can have really sharp-edged building angles, so I go into Blender and mess with the mesh and with textures and maps.

I love creating my own content but also find other people's work inspiring."


"I'm constantly inspired by my friends and the people I encounter on a daily basis. Art inspires me. Music...dance. All the beauty of life and all the terror."

-- vyktohria

"Just about everything from my kids to the grass that grows, to my imagination smile emoticon."

-- Sveva

"Animals, their simplicity of thought, their movement, music inspires me a lot. Music takes me places and in different directions that sometimes is very unexpected. Spirituality, the unknown, the what-ifs and what could be and what is that we cannot see except in our mind's eye. Romance, the possibility of that soul-searing, take your breath away, feeling when you meet are lucky to meet a true soul mate. Nature in all of it's beauty and horror. The old masters of art, the strokes of the brush, the beauty and the sadness, totally inspired by the Pre- Raphaelites. I must create to be."


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