Reallusion's Character Creator Tutorial - Part 2

Sep 27, 2015 at 03:51 pm by Warlord720

Reallusion's Character Creator Tutorial - Part 2

by M.D. McCallum

Reallusion's recently released Character Creator is reaching new heights for the company as it won a Silver Edge Award - Best of Show at the recent Siggraph 2015 trade show this year and is proving to be an exciting new addition to their 3D lineup. Character Creator (CC) is an amazing bundle of slider controlled morphs that go far beyond any type of character generator this author has used before and that includes the Fuse character generator. The limits of past generators are bypassed with CC as it has more sliders than Friday night at the local bar. If you can turn on your computer without help and know your slider from your taskbar, then you'll be churning out characters that you don't even need just because you can.

In Part 2 we'll use morphs to create the desired body shape of the character to make it thin and aged where possible while using the Appearance Editor to age the skin through textures or substances. We'll also add a dress and boots changing the color and conditions to fit our needs.

Be sure to view Part 1 of this tutorial before you move on to this part.

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