Need a weekend project? Check out Unity's interactive 360 video sample project

Jan 20, 2018 at 08:32 am by -gToon

Creators can now bring a 360 2D or 3D video into Unity and play it back on the Skybox Panoramic Shader to create standalone 360 video experiences targeting VR platforms. Additionally, Unity now offers built-in support for both 180- and 360-degree videos in either an equirectangularlayout (longitude and latitude) or a cubemap layout (6 frames).

With Unity you can build real-time effects, interactions and UI on top of your videos to achieve a highly immersive and interactive experience. To make this process even easier, we have just released the Interactive 360 Video Sample Project on the Asset Store. It's a free download and we encourage creators interested in making interactive 360 videos to give it a try.

The Sample Project contains scenes, Prefabs, code, and video files that can be used by anyone who wants to learn how to build interactive 360 video experiences for mobile or desktop VR. The project shows you how to use Unity's UI system and Video Player, and how to get input data from VR controllers.

In the project are two ready-to-build scenes for gaze-based interactions, which work with Oculus, OpenVR (Vive), Android (Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, Google Cardboard) and iOS (Cardboard). The project also includes sample scenes for Oculus+Touch and Google Daydream controller configurations.

Getting started: Import your own 2D or 3D videos

You can start a project by importing your own 360 videos in either 2D (monoscopic) or 3D (stereoscopic) formats. The Sample Project also supports 180 videos.

To get started using the Interactive 360 Video Sample Project:

  1. Download Unity 2017.3 here.
  2. Download the project here.
  3. Watch the tutorial video below
  4. Add your 360 masterpieces to the project and start building.

Learn more about Unity for 360 video and how esteemed creators are already using Unity for their award-winning projects.

We will be hosting a live web training session on building interactive 360 videos on February 28. Mark your calendars!

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