Learning Houdini Journal 19: Simpler Modeling Tutorials

Apr 20, 2016 at 10:59 pm by -gToon

This is the nineteenth entry of what will be a year-long journal on learning the 3D application, Houdini, created by Side Effects Software. Houdini is a sophisticated application that is widely used in the production of visual effects for Hollywood films such as Big Hero 6, Mad Max: Fury Road and many others.

In my previous Learning Houdini Journal 18, I started a new series of tutorials created by a favorite Houdini instructor: Rohan Dalvi. The course is called "Procedural Vehicle Modeling". I've been struggling with this tutorial so much that I've decided to put it aside and start with a simple series of modeling tutorials

Houdini Procedural Modeling - A Simpler Tutorial

While away at the GTC conference last week, I didn't practice Houdini for a full week. When I got back and started where I left of on Mr. Dalvi's Procedural Vehicle Modeling, I immediately started getting bogged down again. After taking some time to evaluate my progress and my skill level, I realized his tutorials, as good as they, are just too advanced for me. Plus, I was losing some of that excitement that I was having while working in Houdini. Frankly, I was getting bored.

My goals where to focus on procedural modeling and after doing some research, I came across a dozen or so tutorials that were much simpler (and shorter). So, I'm going to go through several of them, finish them and then move on to the next one. The advantages are two-fold: one, I'm able to achieve something fairly quickly with procedural modeling which will give me a sense of accomplishment, two, because so many of my previous posts were overly technical, I'll be able to share the actual tutorials with you by embedding them here in my journal. Hopefully, readers who are beginners or have more experience with Houdini, will find my posts easier to understand.

Introduction to Procedural Modeling in Houdini - Tutorial 01

"Because Houdini is so robust and powerful, some of the things become a bit complicated. Be we will see how to get around that" -Jose Sanchez

This first short tutorial series is by Jose Sanchez, an architect and game developer in Los Angeles. His four-part series on Vimeo is a simple, but effective introduction to modeling in Houdini. He takes you through the basic workflow and shares methods of procedural modeling that are simple, but very useful. I'll be going through the series and perhaps share an interview with Jose in my next journal entry.

You can visit Mr. Sanchez's Vimeo page (where these tutorials are located) and stop by his main website for more information about this talented artist and teacher.

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