Compositing Real Actors into a 3D Virtual Set

May 04, 2016 at 09:04 am by nemirc

Compositing real video footage with a 3D environment has always been a challenge due to proper tracking, overlaying, camera projection, lighting and shadowing, but with iClone this task has been significantly streamlined with the help of popVideo 3 as now you can instantly chromakey your own video footage prior to easily compositing it with other 3D assets.

iClone's real-time 3D engine allows users to transport themselves into almost any scene without having to actually build it in the physical world. This is done via popVideo files which is a proprietary format file from Reallusion. These transparent video cutout files can be instantly created with popVideo 3, a one-click background removal tool with a wide range of chroma key color options to instantly turn videos and image sequence into transparent videos.

Once users chroma key their backgrounds and generate their popVideo, they can then drag-n-drop these single, compressed video files directly into iClone's stage window for instant 3D layering and compositing.

This tutorial will demonstrate a couple of useful tips for getting the most realistic and visually appealing results when working with popVideo and iClone, whether it be for educational or commercial purposes. Learn how to import transparent videos as billboards, and have your real-life actors interact with virtual props and utilize video effects to enhance the overall visual effects in iClone.

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