Top 5 Cinema 4D Tutorial Websites

Apr 07, 2017 at 02:05 pm by -gToon

Maxon's Cinema 4D has some of the largest communities of users on the net. We've spent some time searching through dozens of C4D sites and have decided on the top five. Most of the sites are free, but some (like digitaltutors) require a fee. Take some time and browse through the sites if you are new user to Cinema 4D or have been using the software for a while. These sites supply quality training and tutorials that will make your experience using Cinema 4D that much better.

1. Grayscale Gorilla

This absolutely fantastic site is the place every users of Cinema 4D should visit. Nick Campbell is a scream as an announcer and/or instructor. His staff covers all kinds of ways to use Cinema 4D and also provide news on updates. They have an extensive collections of very useful plug-ins that they sell. The tutorials are free, however, and man are they good!

2. Cineversity

Maxon's outstanding website that provides THE most up-to-date and comprehensive tutorials on Cinema 4D that you can find. They'd be No. 1 on this list, but you have to subscribe to get the most benefit. However, you can sign up and get access to a considerable amount of well-produced video tutorials on practically every aspect of Cinema 4D.

3. Envato's Tuts+

Relatively new as a tutorial provider, Envato provided a great deal of well written and useful tutorials on all aspects of using Cinema 4D. These are not video tutorials, but step by step tutorials that take anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes to complete. Not as deep as Cineversity or Greyscale Gorilla, but a very useful site.

4. Digital Tutors (now

Although Pluralsight requires a monthly fee, you can stop the subscription any time. I recommend getting the subscription that includes project files so you can follow along with the project/tutorial. These tutorials are the most professional of any of the sites listed here. They are frequently updated and include complete intro course for Cinema 4D. Highly recommended.


Motion graphics professional, John Dickinson, specializes in Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D. His website is filled with free tutorials that cover creating motion graphics with both application. The tutorials are clear and John's teaching style is excellent.