Step by Step: Locked and Loaded from Motionographer

Nov 30, 2016 at 12:35 pm by Warlord720

We are thrilled to bring you the work of David Brodeur, otherwise known as Locked and Loading, for a Step by Step profile. David is an insanely talented designer and animator with a strong emphasis in the photoreal and all things C4D.

You can find much of David's work on the Locked and Loading Instagram which boasts a whopping 70K followers. Here David posts daily exercises which change with each month's theme. Outside of his strong personal practice, David is a professor at Ringling College of Art and Design and has a significant role within the Greyscale Gorilla community.

In this month's Step by Step profile, David takes us through his process in creating one of his most popular animations "The Buoy" which has amassed almost 1 million views!

View on Motionographer here:

For more into on the Step by Step series please visit our first profile here:

You can find more of David's work here:

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