Make That Prop Your Own, Part 2 - Adding a Custom Texture

Aug 03, 2016 at 03:32 pm by nemirc

In my previous article "Make That Prop Your Own - Creating a Custom Texture" I discussed how to modify a prop texture so it looked exactly the way you want. In that example, I replaced the prop's stock texture with my own custom texture but the downside of that method is the stock texture is no longer available to you.

In this article, I will show you how to add your own custom texture to a prop while leaving the existing stock texture alone. The benefit of this method is it allows you to use either one. The downside is it takes a little longer and is slightly more complex.

For this demonstration, I chose the free Genericorp Coffee Mug from EvilInnocence and I will replace the stock text with a logo of my own. I will also duplicate the logo so it can be seen on both sides of the mug. That way your character can hold the mug in either hand and the logo will still be visible.

As discussed in my previous article, the textures folder contains the image files that determine what your prop looks like. In this case, these files are located inside Textures, EvilInnocence, Office.

Make a copy of the existing texture using copy and paste. Rename the new texture anything you like. For simplicity sake, I will use "coffee_mug_custom_logo.png" and make all my changes to this file.

When opened in Photoshop this image is just a white background with the Genericorp logo just below the centerline. This tells me I must place my custom logo in roughly the same spot, but will take a little trial and error to get it just right. My initial guess on logo size was off so I had to play with this file a couple of times to get it just right.

I placed my logo over the Genericorp logo to help with proper placement, then deleted the Genericorp logo so only my custom logo remained. Then I duplicated it and moved it to the right side of the image file, keeping both logos equidistant from the edges of the image file.

I saved the file as a .PNG and opened Poser to see how I'd managed but so far I have not done well at all! The custom prop is not visible in Poser. Not in Props, Poses or Materials. It's simply not there.

The problem is that Poser does not know how to find the custom texture. If this was a Figure model we would do things slightly differently but a Prop model requires a duplicate prop .pp2 file modified to use the custom texture.

In this case, the file to duplicate and modify is "Coffee Mug.pp2" found in the Runtime, libraries, props, EvilInnocence, GeneriCorp, Supply Closet folder. Copy and paste this to a new file and rename it "Custom Coffee Mug.pp2".

A .PP2 file is nothing more than a text file containing the information Poser needs take our image file and wrap it around the 3D model of the coffee mug. It may look daunting but for our purposes all we need to know is how to search and replace text.

Open this new .PP2 file in a text editor and search for the original texture name, "coffe_mug_gen_logo.png" (Yes, the original texture is missing the last letter of "coffee") and replace it with our custom texture name, "coffee_mug_custom_logo.png".

Save these changes and then let's head back to Poser and check in the Props folder to see what happened.

Sure enough, there's our custom mug!


free Genericorp Coffee Mug from EvilInnocence:

The RDNA license prohibits me from distributing the original model with my changes, but you can download my modified files including my PSD file from here:

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