Photoshop 3D Character Compositing with Indigo Lighting

Jul 13, 2016 at 05:45 pm by nemirc

When artists think of compositing images, many times we think of 2D compositing which involves layering static images in Photoshop to create believable scenes. But when it comes to 3D compositing one might think that this is an entirely different creature which would involve complex computer-generated assets, detailed lighting designs, minute camera adjustments and others, when in fact it is much easier and simpler if we have the right tools.

So when it comes to quick 3D compositing we can use the magic of Photoshop, with the photorealistic rendering of Indigo, and the real-time power of iClone 6.

In 13 minutes, this tutorial demonstrates just how to do that. By using an incredibly simple lighting setup in iClone with emissive lighting, and the Indigo Sun and Sky preset, you can get excellent quality lighting on your characters which will allow them to later be flawlessly integrated into a 2D background inside Photoshop.

The big advantage of working with a real-time engine like iClone's is that you can test as you build. Meaning that users can instantly relocate a character's or a prop's position, adjust lighting, fix camera perspectives and even create a customized character pose, all inside one environment, all while you are working.

You can also further exploit iClone thanks to the enhanced details of the iClone Character Creator tool and professional add-on outfit packs that allow you to produce incredibly realistic results without having to build anything from scratch. Which means that you can further cutback on your production time thanks to fast, pre-made assets.

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