Rendering Professional 3D Characters in Minutes

Jun 06, 2016 at 09:28 am by nemirc

Creating a professional 3D character can often take time and effort. But, not when you are working with iClone 6 PRO, as you can easily first model and create your avatars with the free Character Creator tool, prior to dressing it up with the Professional Outfits pack. And, finally, before rendering the scene in Indigo. Best of all is that the whole process can take merely minutes!

This professional outfit pack is designed for creators who wish to include fully-rigged ready-to-animate 3D characters that can be easily branded and customized for use in business presentations, training projects, YouTube marketing videos, interactive 3D gaming projects or detailed architectural simulations.

When you acquire this pack, you'll get a collection of work-related attires with everything from formal business outfits for banks and insurance companies, to worker jumpsuits for construction proposals. Additionally, the customizable clothing and shoe bases can be further modified inside Character Creator, allowing you to add your own brand ID with logos, specific designs or color segments to create authentic company uniforms.

In this tutorial, we will provide you with a number of simple and easy tips for getting the fastest and best quality renders from Indigo. You will learn about setting up lighting, smoothing out shadows with subdivision, refining material shader properties. and more in order to create photo-realistic renders of your characters that can be used in a variety of commercialization scenarios.

Check out their video :

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