Christmas Traditions

Dec 24, 2015 at 12:34 pm by mhaase75

I have to say--out of all the holidays, Christmas is certainly my favorite. Honestly, it has nothing to with receiving presents; it's more so the feeling I get around this time. As soon as Christmas music starts playing on the radio, I'm the first to tune to the station!

My Christmas tradition is to hang lights on the roof with my father two weeks before Christmas. And, then, on Christmas Eve my dad's mom and my mom's dad--confusing, huh--come over for dinner. Then, we play a card game. On Christmas Day, my 2 brothers and I eat breakfast, wait for our parents to get up so we can all open gifts together.

Unfortunately, since I no longer live at home, I was unable to hang lights with my dad because he usually likes to hang them weeks before Christmas. But, I am going home for Christmas, so the tradition will live on, with a few modifications.

This year is different because, well, I live in Tennessee and they live in Pennsylvania and I'm also going to break the news that I'm engaged! My fiance and I are taking our parents out to dinner to tell them face-to-face and I am so looking forward to it.

Now that you know my Christmas tradition, I wanted you to share YOURS with me! So, I asked the Renderosity Community how they celebrate the holidays.

Well, we always have Christmas dinner and play Dirty Santa with our closest friends about 2 weeks before Christmas.

Christmas Eve day - My boys and I (along with other boys who are their close friends who I consider my son as well) bake Christmas cookies together and order Chinese food. This year there will be 2 more additions to the mix, the girl we adopted and my 20 year old's girlfriend. I give each of my children that are my kids at heart but not blood a stacking filled with goodies and then they go home to be with their families.

Once they have left, we open one gift each which is pajamas, a Christmas movie, a snack, and hot chocolate mix with a mug. We then watch the Christmas movies, hug and kiss each other goodnight, and go to sleep.

Christmas day - We get up, my husband and I cook breakfast and then we all sit and eat together. We send each one of the boys on a scavenger hunt for 1 of their presents we have hidden. Once they have found their presents my husband decides who is Santa (Santa gives the presents out to everyone while the other takes the pictures, we switch every year) and then put on the Santa hat and get started. Once all presents have been opened, we eat lunch together and then play Jenga. After Jenga, we play a dice game in which there are clues you have to read and figure out where the envelopes are hidden (the envelopes are filled with money and or lottery tickets). Each person has to win one time before we start the next round. Once all the envelopes are found, the kids go on a hunt after given one clue to find a big candy bar with money in it.

We then clean up the mess, the oldest and his girlfriend will leave and those that are left will watch Christmas movies until we are all ready for bed.

This Christmas my Mom who I have not spent Christmas with since I was 14 will be down to visit and the 2 girls will be with us along with my Dad so I am extremely excited and looking even more forward to Christmas more than I already do which I honestly didn't even know was possible. -Office Administrator Kristis

The only Christmas tradition I really have is that every Christmas we watch Santa Claus: The Movie, and an old B movie from the 50s called "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians." -3DS Max, Writers, Wings 3D Moderator wheatpenny

Every year at Xmas time, I make sure to take time to watch the old fashioned "A Christmas Carol" Movie. I have a friend that I have been friends with since high school since we were about 13-14 yrs old. We exchange gifts based on our fav movie or tv show. This year is "The Walking Dead" year! Other than that, we have Xmas dinner with family and exchange gifts then pick a movie to watch on pay preview. Merry Xmas and Cheers! -Poser Coordinator digitell

We take all our gifts to Jo's daughter's house on Christmas eve for dinner, games and opening ... (they open their other gifts Christmas morning), then go out to dinner just the two of us on Christmas day. -Poser Moderator boni

My personal tradition: once the obligate xmas lunch with relatives - a simple affair, and for myself not amazingly joyful but not too bothersome either - is finally done with, I enjoy my usually 2 weeks or some annoying times less holidays, depending on job (weekends/holidays mean nothing in telecom or night shelters), where i can be at home peacefully with my beloved huge purring chowder, and no human in sight or hearing for days, since i shop a batch before and switch off my phone. Once a year, I can tell the agitated stressing masses to go kiss themselves where the sun is not shining. and that, believe me, is the best xmas present ever: 2 weeks of peace and quiet, with a living fur blanket, a full cupboard and an unending source of entertainment called computer. --maneki_neko

For me and my wife, we do it a way my family did it for decades, on Christmas eve we have selfmade Potato salad with Wiener, as this is easily prepared the day before and for Dinner you only have to warm the Wieners. On Christmas we usually have venison with dumplings and red cabbage. -Poser Coordinator Jules53757

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