Four Reasons Why You Should Start Writing Every Day

Mar 29, 2016 at 12:34 pm by mhaase75

You are a writer, whether you realize it or not. You are constantly prewriting your future, rewriting your past, and trying desperately to scribble down your present. Your brain runs at an alarmingly rapid rate, and your memory is only mostly reliable.

Luckily, you can write.

I'm not simply talking about journaling. I'm talking about writing poems, songs, lyrics, screenplays, novels, limericks, diary entries, short stories, flash fiction, stream-of-consciousness scribbling, nonfiction, fan fiction, and so's all amazing, and it's all a strictly human experience. So, if you're human...

Write it down! Write it down in pen! Carve it into rock!

Most importantly, just do it, and do it every day!

Here are four reasons why writing every day should be an important part of your routine:

1) You get to know yourself. Start writing every single day, and you will surprise yourself in just a month's time, I guarantee it. I made a commitment last year to write a poem every day for thirty days. At the end of the month, I kept going. It soon became exciting to force myself to put something on paper every single day. I've never really been too great at journal keeping, but writing a daily poem made me look inward and study. You can take up any form of composition to use every day. But it doesn't have to be good right out of the gate, and I'll tell you why:

2) You need to practice expressing yourself. Practice, as they say, makes perfect. Well, we might not be perfect, but that's no reason not to practice. When you write, you allow your brain to wander and be something it's not when it's talking, thinking, or doing anything else. Of course there are plenty of other ways to express yourself artistically, but there's also a reason why every great artist either gets a book written about them or writes a book. Language is an everyman's art, and it's evolving. Bare your soul or just mess around for ten minutes a day writing, and you'll be happier for your efforts.

3) You'll leave your mark. I consider the writings of both of my parents to be gifts. I have love letters they wrote to one another, scribblings from my mother's journals, attempted pieces of a memoir composed by my father while under the grip of Parkinson's disease...and these writings are all significant. I can read these words and get a glimpse into my parents' minds. I don't read them in my own voice, and I never could. That's something reading other people's writing does: it gives you a chance to listen to their voice and mind whenever you wish.

4) You'll soon make your days worth writing about. Forcing yourself to pour your heart out onto an empty sheet of paper daily will quickly teach you how to make your days important. It's okay if you skip a day, but if you do so intentionally, then you know that there was a poor reason for doing so, and perhaps you should work on that...

Seriously. It will add extra meaning to your life if you start writing daily. Start right now. And don't forget to write as though no one will ever read it...there's always a delete button, a trash can, or a small, controlled fire that can erase the writing, but its impact upon you and your own life will remain.

This list is meant to be continued...but maybe you have something more to add? Engage me in conversation in the comments, or feel free to write to me at Write to me every day; that's also an option.

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