1st place in 2017 Renderosity Writing Contest

Oct 30, 2017 at 01:32 pm by SchelleFire

The Gooey Jester

George and Ernest were up to no good. Being Halloween, they were out filling cars exhaust pipes with sour cream. They were laughing in glee, enjoying themselves, when all of a sudden they saw a bright light come streaking towards the ground. George yelled at Ernest, "Look man! It's a meteor!" George ran off towards where the streak of light hit the ground as Ernest just sat and watched.

As the meteor crashed to the ground a mile away, Ernest watched in terror as another entity crept out of the sewers. Eyes glowing, the evil jester looked at Ernest and stated, "There's balloons, cotton candy, and all the fun you can imagine Ernest. Come, join me. Join your friends." Ernest ran, towards the meteor where George had gone. As Ernest joined George at the crash site, he trembled as he realized that George was covered in some goo that had oozed from the smashed meteor. George began screaming as the goo that was slowly consuming him crept further up his legs. "Oh lord Ernest! It hurts so bad! Please help me!" Ernest desperately wanted to help his friend, but was trembling so bad he didn't know what to do. Then he heard a creaky voice from the sewer say, "Fool! These kids belonged to me! Just what do you think you are doing?" Ernest let out a yelp and grabbed George's arm as the goo slowed its ascent up George's leg as though it had heard the voice emitting from the sewer.

"That's right you slob! Let go of that child! He belongs to me!" the gravely voice screeched at the goo. The goo descended George's leg enough so that Ernest and George could break free of their terror and run. The meteor goo slowly oozed towards the sewer and to the jester that was watching with glee. Glancing back over his shoulder, Ernest watched awestruck as the goo entered through the sewer grate towards the evil jester with the harsh gravely voice.

In the sewer, the jester glanced around in amusement as the goo squished through the grate above. He laughed to himself at the arrogance of the goo by entering his domain. "That fool doesn't stand a chance down here," the evil jester whispered.

The goo which had by now successfully invaded the sewer glanced around with its own version of sight. It was looking for the evil jester that had so rudely interrupted its meal of young boy. Not finding him, the goo started oozing around, consuming rats and bugs in its wake. With each consumption, the goo grew. It stopped moving, feeling for vibration from movement of the evil jester.

"Oh my! Look at you, you slob! You're growing. Just think, that will only make you slower," the harsh voice of the jester rang through the sewer. As the ooze began moving towards him, the evil jester began feeling just a bit of trepidation. He knew there was going to be a war; he just didn't know which of them would win. With the rate that the goo was growing, the jester was starting to question his own strength and cunningness.

The goo, now with a good focus on the evil jester's location, oozed itself towards him. Jiggling with glee, the goo appeared to be shaking in fear. The goo knew though that it would be able to win any war waged upon it. It moved towards the jester faster, watching as he changed his stance.

"You don't have it in you," the evil jester said, the slightest tremble in his voice. He moved back a few steps as the goo began to slide onto his foot. "Utoh," he thought, "I'm in for it now." Reaching down with his sharp nails, the evil jester slashed at the goo. The goo shied away from the slashing nails, then rebounded and slid over the jester's hands.

"Oh! Well this is not comfortable," the evil jester thought. "In fact, it really kind of hurts!" watching in abject horror, he began shaking his hands and kicking his feet trying to rid them of the encroaching goo. As the goo reached the jester's chest, it could feel the rapid breathing of the jester. The goo jiggled with glee as the evil jester began screaming. "It's not true! It's not true! We don't all float down here!" those were the last words heard from the jester's gravely voice as the goo consumed the face of the evil jester.

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