Winners announced in 2017 2D Contest

Oct 31, 2017 at 12:02 pm by SchelleFire


In 2017, Renderosity asked its community to create a new generation of horror as generations of horror battle. Entries included Universal monsters vs. modern-day slashers, dinosaurs vs. zomibes, aliens vs. Marines.

Here are the winners in the 2D Category.

1st Place: Warlock279

"The classics from the silver screen battle it out as the horrors from the heavens descend upon on them," Warlock279 said about the winning entry.

Warlock279 used ink on paper to create a scene where Nosferatu [1922], The Phantom of the Opera [1925], Frankenstein [1931], Dracula [1931], The Mummy [1932], The Invisible Man [1933], The Wolf Man [1941], Creature from the Black Lagoon [1954], Alien [1977], Critters [1986], and Pennywise the Clown [2017] battle it out.

"Total working time, somewhere over 100 hours," Warlock279 said about the 26"x20" piece.

2nd Place: luciferino

3rd Place: Ladonna

Honorable Mention: Vagabund

Renderosity's 2017 Halloween Contest was sponsored by Smith Micro, Wacom, Marmoset, Smith Micro Software, Boris FX, Escape Motions, Imagineer, Photoshop Cafe, Filter Forge, Reallusion, ArtRage, Strata, Blacksmith 3D,, Filter Forge, Photoshop Cafe, Renderosity, RPublishing and Auto FX.

Sections: Artist Spotlight

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