Renderosity vendor Coflek-gnorg has an active imagination

Aug 18, 2017 at 10:02 am by SchelleFire

From his home in Croatia, Renderosity vendor Coflek-gnorg, or Dominik in real life, creates props, scenes and architectural products for a variety of genres.

Dominik said he started 3D modeling in the mid-1990s

"I was always fascinated with video games and computer graphics in general," he said. "After creating images in standard paint programs, 3D Studio 4 introduced me with an additional dimension. Finally, I was able to express my creativity through 3d models."

In his bio, Dominik said he started playing computer games on a Commodore 64 in 1987.

"My first attempts in graphic started in Art Studio on C-64 where I used a joystick to paint (sounds silly but then there were no mouses) in 16 colors," he said.

Eventually, he switched to Amiga, which had a mouse and more colors, and made his first 3D models in 3D Studio 4, which was DOS based in 1996.

Now he uses 3Ds Max and Photoshop to design his creations.

Mostly Dominik takes everyday items and places them in a different space or time to change the perspective.

"Inspiration often comes out from nowhere and these ideas are the best," he said.

He calls himself an "all-around guy" who creates architecture, vehicles, space ships, robots and so on.

"However, I love to create something new and unique. Something in 'Coflek-Gnorg' style," he said. "That way I can use my imagination and I'm not limited in creation."

While he started 3D modeling because of his love of computers, he has branched out to physical modeling.

"I passed usual path from computer geek to family man," Dominik said. "In my free time, I relax building model kits in 1:35 scale."

He builds and paints 5-centimeter-tall models of soldiers from 30 pieces.

"It is very tricky (for example, a grenade is less than 2mm in diameter), but it's very relaxing for me," he said, adding when he gets tired of 3D modeling, he picks up his model soldiers.

Find more of Coflek-gnorg's creations and products in his store.