CynderBlue brings life experience into designs

Aug 14, 2017 at 10:02 am by SchelleFire

While CynderBlueDesign's real-life training is in fashion and textiles and most of her products are characters, that doesn't mean the Renderosity vendor isn't influenced by her education and experience.

More than a decade ago, CynderBlue began working in the fashion industry. The fast-pacing, competitive industry was fun, for a while, CynderBlue said from her home somewhere in England.

"After seven years spent traveling and not being as creative as I would have liked, I found that it was less than fulfilling for me as a designer and the passion that I felt for the area of design was dwindling fast within the strict confines of retail," CynderBlue said on her website.

CynderBlue found a way to reignite her passion in an unexpected place when she found herself sated by digital art.

She began dabbling in digital art about eight years ago. Then two years ago she decided to enter the marketplace as a vendor, "because I enjoyed the digital creative process and the challenge that goes along with it," she said.

Like other designers, CynderBlue's inspiration can strike at any moment from a variety of sources.

"So many things inspire me, it would be impossible to pin it down to one thing, it's more of a collection of things. I follow trends constantly from fashion on the catwalk, street style, music and colours to people and film," she said.

And when inspiration strikes, she starts at the beginning and plans the project through to the end.

"For me, design is a process that involves a number of stages, from inspiration gathering, design, colour and beyond. I design as a look, from the character, makeup, hair, clothing, accessories to shoes. One for me does not exist without any of the others," she said.

She also found her background and training in fashion and textiles, as well as her experience globe trotting, served her well as a digital artist.

"I tend to be looking at the whole picture, not just a single piece, I also work in collections with both models and clothes," she said, adding "old habits die hard I guess. I tend to have a silhouette that I want to achieve so that means I create my models with the body shapes that I want to convey the look that I want to give with my clothes."

She said her background in fashion helps when she designs clothing because she knows exactly how a piece would be constructed in real life and how fabric flows on a body and specifics on fabrics.

"So if something was, say strapless, I know how can I make that work and does it need seams or bones or heavy fabric that will move differently," she explained.

The results are clothing and characters with true-to-life appearances created with her favorite software, "hands down Zbrush."

Find more of CynderBlueDesign's creations and products in her store.