Dark sci-fi, fantasy inspire Darkworld Design

Aug 09, 2017 at 09:02 am by SchelleFire

Darkworld Design, known in real life as B. Lawson Hull, is the ultimate gamer.

He has been working with 3D art and animation since he took his first steps with Poser 1 in middle school.

"So it has literally been decades," he said.

In the years since those first baby steps, Hull has built Flash games, hundreds of products for his Renderosity store and images for his gallery.

"I would have to say my top favorite would be vehicles or creatures, but i'm just beginning to get more into organic modeling and it is very challenging," Hull said.

Hull's passion for storytelling can be seen in his art, games and other side projects.

He is also venturing into literature with a children's book series, titled "Haunted House Rescue Society." It is slated for release in late 2017.

"It's about kids who use crazy gadgets to hunt ghosts and rescue people," he explained. "My sister will be doing illustrations for it but most publishers use them as guides and require they choose their own illustrators."

The book is inspired by the same themes that inspire Hull's adult art.

"My go-tos have always been dark SciFi and fantasy," he said from his home in Austin, Texas. "I see inspiration everywhere and I'll even get inspired watching really bad movies -- as long as there is some inspired set design/costumes or characters going on."

In a previous interview with Renderosity Magazine, Hull credited his "overactive imagination" for his art.

"I have a lot of strange ideas, both for games I develop and digital content, and there's no one to stop me from making them. I have also always loved the female archetype in fantasy art -- and I think as long as we are able to separate fantasy and reality, there's nothing wrong with using the female form as a medium for this type of work," he said in 2015. "With fantasy art, I get to present females who are fearless and powerful, yet still alluring and beautiful."

His passion for the female form can be seen in his most recent creations like Badittude: Poses for G3 and Play Mercy: 20 struggling poses, which is described as "a sexy game of mercy" and complement his Pin Me poses.

Find more from Hull on Twitter or YouTube.