Fabiana Kofman: (Fabiana) "Art itself is a whole language to me"

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Some of our members have had real struggles in life, but at the end of the day, they never fell out of love with art. They continued their passion even though their whole world was crashing down on them. Despite countless negative situations, in the end, art was always there for them to bury their head in.

I decided to speak with Renderosity Vendor Fabiana Kofman (Fabiana) about her difficulties in life and how she continues to love art-- no matter what!

"As every single human in this world, art saved me many times from going down during these struggles," says Fabiana. "Art is an immersive experience. I tend to be a hyper-concentrated person when working or making my art and often not noticing anything else around."

I wished to know: when did you fall in love with art?

"I think I fell in love when I saw my first REAL painting, finished, on a canvas, a medium size one. When I finished that painting, I started another and another so I can say that for the lapse of that first year-- I think was about 1997 or so-- I was deeply in love with art and decided to make it my motto, towards my girls and husband."

What's your favorite aspect of creating an art piece?

"You can make your scene, and go back to it years later, then make a new instance of something that could mutate, as yourself, due the time changes and the rhythm of new visions.

From nothing you go to an object, or a complete human looking at you as if she/he has real life... or movement in their muscles, ready to get alive with the click of your mouse."

What is it about 3D art that you absolutely love?

"3DArt makes you learn how to use the light to be your dictionary, giving meanings to whatever you create. The light is what finally makes everything alive in your screen, and you can manipulate it with no fear because you won´t break anything even if you pull limits or boundaries.

Once you FEEL the things that surround you and you SEE the colors and the shapes and textures and depth and whatever seduce you... then you can´t go walking and not SEE that."

Tell me about your artistic background.

"I had a moment where it came to me as a need, a very mundane need, but I take it as the final and strongest "knock" on my head/door. I have been an artistically inclined person since my childhood, but nobody noticed it as for to guide me into the Art's studies."

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