"Art is my escape from this troubled world" by Simon-3D

Jan 28, 2016 at 10:45 am by bwsupport

I always love hearing digital artists talk about their passion in life. I often search for new members/vendors to chat with in order to get their backstory. So, when I asked the Marketplace Manager who she suggests I speak with, the first name she said was Renderosity member, Simon-3D.

What brought you to Renderosity?

I first came across Renderosity around 2003. Previous to this, I was running my own Print and Web design business. It was reasonably successful I had lots of small customers mostly indie bands and small businesses. I eventually landed two huge contracts and besides having to deal with the clients who never seemed to know what they actually wanted and were very slow to pay any fees it was pretty good going. But at the end of 2002 disaster struck one of the companies went into liquidation. They owed me around £20,000 but as they owed millions to others. So as is the case, I was way down the list and got nothing. The following month the other big contract was being sued and could not continue with their on-line catalog. So I lost 95% of my income in one month and foolishly had passed most of the little jobs on to others as I was up to my neck with the two big contracts.

Anyway, I used to do animated introductions and dotted around animations for most of the Indie band websites using Lightwave. One of the guys from a band, knowing I was in some difficulty suggested selling some 3D models. I didn't think anyone would be interested but thought I would give it ago. After some browsing, I came across Renderosity and submitted some models. These first models were in Lightwave and only sold 1 or 2. I soon realised that Poser/Daz was a better market so set about learning how to create content for Poser.

How has art changed your life?

Art was always part of my life for as far back as I can remember and my passion grew along with me. As a kid, I was always drawing or building something. I learnt a lot from my father who was always doing creative things and I watched him using tools in his workshop.

I soon found I had a knack for carving wood and all my school buddies came to me to make wooden guns, Knives, Bows and arrows and Box Cars or as we call them Go Carts. So in many ways Art never changed my life it just is part of my life.

What is it about art that you love?

Art is my escape from this troubled world. I love the creative process, it's great to take what's in your head and turn that into a picture or model.

I often find myself lost in daydreams where I am building a model or developing an idea. It used to get me in trouble at school everyone was learning something like history and I would be building a trebuchet in my mind "Simon WAKE UP who did Henry VII marry", "No idea sir I was building a trebuchet" LOL.

Along with Art, I have more recently grown a passion for music especially playing Guitar, which is probably evident by my Rock School series of models. This I suspect was born from working closely with Indie Bands as I previously explained. I am pretty hopeless at playing but I enjoy trying. I am considering combining these by doing air brush designs on guitars. Unfortunately --or fortunately depending on how you look at it -- I have recently had a Liver transplant and the medication has made my hands shake, so I will have to see if the shaking eventually goes at the moment I can't even finger pick a guitar let alone use an air brush.

Would you consider yourself more of a hobbyist?

Essentially I still think of myself as a Hobbyist but like to take a professional approach. I am not happy if a customer is not. I like to go the little extra, so they get good value for their money. On several occasions I have purchased models only to be disappointed, I would hate to think that anyone feels the same about any of my models. Obviously, as a big part of my income, I have to stop somewhere as it would end up too expensive or take too long to create. This detracts from being a hobbyist it would be nice to spend six months building something spectacular which as a pure hobbyist would be no problem. But as part of my income is just not viable.

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