Zen by angel65

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

Zen by angel65 | featured images, angel65, digital art

Zen by angel65

angel65 has been a member of Renderosity for less than a year, but the amount of crazy good work in his/her gallery is simply amazing. And everyone of them is a gem: perfectly crafted and beautifully rendered. I chose Zen because it was the image that most resonated with me personally, but any one of a number of works are wonderful and evocative.

What I like about Zen in particular is the "in action" framing and the marvelous use of color. You get the sense that (far from zen) the figure in the boat might be an assassin or a spy. The boat is coming up (from behind) some important event taking place on or near the water out of the frame. Since you can't see the character's face (it's in shadows) and the scene is set at sunset, there is an eerie mood to the situation.

I just love Zen and urge you to visit angel65's gallery at Renderosity.com. There is some amazing work in this artists's gallery.