Mike Haase

Michael Haase is a writer and novelist, with his first novel, "The Madness of Mr. Butler," being published this fall after winning the Inkshares/Nerdist Space Opera contest in March. When he's not writing, Michael is busy being a happy father, husband, Emergency Room Nurse, musician, poet, and generally sloppy artist. Michael dreams of keeping his life basically just as it is, but with much more time for writing and taking his family on trips around the world.

Recent Articles

The Art of Story: Learn Storytelling from PIXAR!

Animation powerhouse, Pixar, has always been open about their methods with their "Pixar In A Box" series. Now they're offering a FREE course in storytelling!

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Review of the Hemingway Editor App for Writers

An in-depth look at the online tool for making your writing more concise and meaningful, just as Hemingway himself thought it should be.

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The Art of Story: Finding Your Audience

The path to success in achieving a dream is paved in rejection. Read on for why facing rejection is essential in finding your audience.

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Review of Storyist: Writing Software for Mac and iOS Devices

Exploring the powerful organizational software for drafting screenplays and novels.

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Interview with Phil Rood, "That Illustrator Guy"

Phil Rood is an independent illustrator and storyteller with an incredible talent. He offers wonderful advice and shares many secrets of his creative process in this fantastic interview.

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The Art of Story: Why You Should Break Out of Your Chosen Genre

Have you chosen a genre for your story? Read why you should be reading and writing in any other genre in order to make your story the best it can be.

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The Art of Story: Five Great Reasons to Outline Before You Write

Converting from being only a writer to becoming a writer/planner can save your novel and make you a better storyteller. Here are five reasons why outlining and planning your novel will save your story from being abandoned unnecessarily.

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The Art of Story: Five Failures to Embrace While Writing Your First Draft

Defeating the monster that is your first draft is as simple as accepting your weaknesses. Here are five reasons to just get on with it and write the worst version of your story.

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Review of Flowstate: "The Most Dangerous Writing App"

Flowstate is a simple word processor that will erase all of your work if you stop writing for five seconds. This could be the best thing to happen to your writing in a long time

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The Art of Story: Interview with author Jason Pomerance

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jason Pomerance about his debut novel, "Women Like Us." The novel is an incredible story, and I wanted to know more about the man behind it.

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The Art of Story: Improve Your Writing By Learning Another Language

Here are nine reasons why learning another language might be a game-changer for your storytelling. And with the free application DuoLingo, you no longer have an excuse not to start today.

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The Art of Story: Five Reasons Authors Must Participate in NaNoWriMo

Exploring the benefits of pushing your writing abilities (and sanity) to the max by accomplishing 50,000 words of story in 30 days. (It's well worth it!)

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Review of Final Draft 9 for Mac

Michael Haase, novelist and amateur screenwriter, finds out what's behind the software that is considered a film industry standard. Plus, a quick tutorial on how to use the software.

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Profile of Argentinian Artist and Filmmaker: Nicolás Lasaïgues

Our staff writer, Michael Haase, profiles/interviews Argentinian artist and filmmaker, Nicolás Lasaïgues.

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The Art of Story with Michael Haase: What I Learned From Writing A Bad Book

Michael Haase, in his "Art of Story" column, discusses how failure can actually be helpful and why the process of writing is just as important as your story.

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Writing Wednesdays with Michael Haase: Interview with Jim McDoniel, author of "An Unattractive Vampire"

Jim is the author of the award-winning comedic fantasy novel, "An Unattractive Vampire," available for purchase right now!

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Writing Wednesdays with Michael Haase: Review of Ulysses, an App for Writers

Diving deeper into the Markdown-driven writing application for Apple devices.

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Writing Wednesdays with Michael Haase: Four Things Editors Want You To Know

Writing Wednesdays with Michael Haase: Four Things Editors Want You To Know About Writing A Novel Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Editor

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Writing Wednesdays with Michael Haase: Interview with Jeremy Thomas, CEO of inkshares.com

I had the honor of interviewing the CEO of Inkshares.com, a San Francisco-based company that is paving the way for authors to publish their work through crowdfunding.

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Writing Wednesdays with Michael Haase: How Writing Improves All Art

I will maintain throughout my series of articles that story drives all arts. Creating art is like cultivating a field of flowers, and story is your bumblebee, your pollinator. Without story, your art will neither thrive nor bloom.

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Four Reasons Why You Should Start Writing Every Day

Four reasons why writing every day should be an important part of your routine.

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