with the flow... by 1971s

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

with the flow... by 1971s | 1971s, Digital Art, Renderosity vendor,

with the flow... by 1971s

1971s is one of the most popular and creative vendors at Renderosity.com. His work is just so professional and imaginative. This item is being sold in his store as the "floating house", where we see what he has done with the model using Bryce to create the rest of the world.

I just love with the flow... It's the kind of scene that implies a lot of backstory. Where is this place? Who is the young woman on the boat? 1971s use of color is also very impressive. The scene reminds me of the artist Maxfield Parrish. Plus, the scale of the boat vs the landscape gives a great sense of depth and space to the scene.

You really must see 1971s gallery and store. There are so many beautiful works in both places, I had a very hard time just choosing with the flow... as an example.