Two New VR Art Applications for Oculus: Medium and Quill

Staff Writer By: Oculus blog

Two New VR Art Applications for Oculus: Medium and Quill | VR, Oculus, Medium, Quill, Art

Oculus Touch controllers are out. With them, two new VR art applications are also now available: Oculus Medium and Quill. Both let artists design in VR, both make a great addition to any artist's toolkit, and both are currently free with the purchase the Touch controllers.

Oculus Medium

Medium is Oculus's modeling and sculpting tool. It uses Touch controllers to embrace true hand presence in VR for an incredibly tactile, immersive VR sculpting experience. Medium is designed for professionals who want to model quickly and intuitively, whether at home or in a professional setting.

More about about Medium can be found here:



Quill is an application for illustrating in VR. It was designed internally at Oculus Story Studio to help realize the upcoming VR cinematic experience Dear Angelica; but has since morphed into its own standalone software application. As Dear Angelica has shown, the application is more than capable of bringing detailed VR experiences to life.

More information about its evolution can be found here: