Tuesday at the GPU Technology Conference

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

Tuesday at the GPU Technology Conference | GTC, GPU technology, NVIDIA, Oculus

Tuesday at NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference

The NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) which began in 2009, started Monday, May 8 and will run through Thursday, May 11. This yearly conference produced and sponsored by NVIDA brings together thousands of scientists, technology experts, artists, virtual reality experts and media producers from all over the world to share and discuss their discoveries in the field of graphic technology.

Tuesday at the GTC
I was attending conference presentations even before I checked into my hotel. Of course, NVIDIA makes it ridiculously easy to get registered and informed about events that are taking place at the conference. There are literally hundreds of events to choose from. The MyGTC app (I use it on my iPad) created by NVIDIA is so useful. I even scheduled a virtual reality demo in VR Village through the app. Kudos to NVIDIA for their excellent management of the conference.

After getting oriented and checked in at the press section of the conference, I headed off to an excellent talk by Jason Holtman, head of publishing for Oculus on "Insights From the First Year of VR". He gave an overview of the progress made in the last year by comparing the early silent film/nickolodeon era to our current state of VR development. His notion that "novelty, like the nicelodeon, is a big element of VR currently" and quoted John Carmack to the effect that once we get past this "novelty" phase and start using VR to create experiences like we get from other mediums, VR will start to mature and be a significant expressive technology.

Another eye-opening talk was the "AI in Healthcare: Beyond Deep Learning in Medical Imaging" given by Dr. Michael Dahlweid. Heathcare is in a huge data overload state which can lead to over-diagnosis and poor health for patients. Dr. Dahlweid pointed out that at present we have nearly 240 info categories that come into play when making any diagnosis. He said that the health care industry is working on creating a "digital twin" for each patient that can lead to using Deep Learning for cell classification, health risk and disease prediction.

Other talks and presentations I took part in during the day was on film and VR production (using VR to help pre-viz a film shot), representative learning for video understanding (a method of face/motion identification used in China for surveillance and video monitoring) and most of the VR Showcase pitches where the top 10 VR project leaders pitched their projects for prize money in 5 minute segments (very hard to do, but fascinating to watch).

I also got a chance to visit several booths on the Showroom floor. I'm looking forward to visiting with Lenovo (one of our Core Partners), Asus and the NVIDIA booth tomorrow. I did do several VR demos in the VR Village complex set up by NVIDIA. Sean Wagstaff, the VR guide, gave me a very helpful context for the demos. It was clear to me that the VR experience compared to last year was much advanced and immersive. I can't wait to try out more demos.

Check out the live Facebook video post on Renderosity Magazine's Facebook page shot right on the Showroom floor. I'll be posting another tomorrow (Wednesday) in front of VR Village.

All in all it was an inspiring, if exhausting, day. Thank you, NVIDIA, for making this possible.

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