Toil and Trouble by MDO2010

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

Toil and Trouble by MDO2010 | renderosity, digital art, witches, MDO2010

Toil and Trouble by MDO2010

MDO2010 is a Renderosity artist with a talent for creating poetic scenes using applications like Carrara and Blender. I chose Toil and Trouble because of the Halloween season, but there are many other excellent images in MDO2010's gallery at Renderosity.

Although the scene is somewhat traditional (the witch around her cauldron), it's how MDO2010 stages the scene that makes the difference. The scene depicts the beginning of a strange transformation in the cauldron (the motion-blur effect is excellent). The witch's face is expectant and perhaps a bit apprehensive. The silhouette of the witch is so beautifully set up with a cold, forested background. The whole scene has the impact of a photograph. Toil and Trouble is a beautiful image made with imagination and skill.

Please visit MDO2010's gallery for many more images that are poetic and imaginative. I highly recommended this artist.