Tide by lumo

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

Tide by lumo | Featured Images, lumo, 2D, Black humor

Tide by lumo

I interviewed Lumo a month or so ago when he was chosen Renderosity's Artist of the Month for March. He has a great dark humor that he says comes from growing up in Finland. I believed him then, but even more so now that I have seen his most recent work, Tide. Disguised as a romantic image of a passionate young girl, it's really a portrait of someone about to drown (hence the title).

It's also hard to believe that this is a 2D image as it rivals many 3D renders I've seen. This kind of detail is very hard to achieve unless you have enormous patience and talent: lumo has both of these in abundance.

Finnish people are dark and gloomy by nature, it's in our blood. But seriously, my style has been influenced by cinematography, paintings, sculptings and literature by talented artists all around the world. Scandinavian esthetic in design is often inspired by nature, simple and functionality. I can see that in my work. I guess it's mix of all that. - lumo

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