Third Party Rendering is Coming to Houdini Indie

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

Third Party Rendering is Coming to Houdini Indie | Houdini, Houdini Indie, Side Effects, Third-Party Rendering

[from the Side Effects press release]

TORONTO: April 22, 2016 -SideFX is pleased to announce that Third Party Rendering is being added to Houdini Indie. Now independent artists and studios can use RenderMan, Arnold and OctaneRender in their lighting pipeline along with Houdini's built-in Mantra renderer. Artists can choose their favorite renderer or assign different renderers to groups of objects in the same scene, then composite the results for the final image.

"Arnold's tight integration in Houdini is very popular amongst our VFX studio customers. We are pleased that artists will now be able to try, learn, and actually use Arnold while benefiting from Houdini Indie's much lower starting price," says Marcos Fajardo | Solid Angle"

Houdini Indie support will also be available for V-Ray and Redshift soon. Both of these renderers are in closed testing right now, with open releases coming sometime later in 2016.


Third Party Rendering support in Houdini Indie will be available when Houdini 15.5 is released at the end of May 2016. All of the renderers listed here will work within the existing Houdini Indie render limits - 1920x1080 for animation sequences and unlimited for still images. Rendering in Houdini Indie will go directly to the renderer without saving out render description files.

Houdini Indie is available for $199 USD per year. The Third Party Rendering feature is added to Houdini Indie's already rich feature set at no extra cost. Indie customers with active subscriptions when Houdini 15.5 is released will receive updated licenses free of charge.

Be sure to visit the website for more information about Houdini Indie.