The Chronos Wave by AntoMacoda

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

The Chronos Wave by AntoMacoda | featured images, digital art, fifties science fiction

The Chronos Wave by AntoMacoda

I've always had a fondness for classic scifi scenes. You know, the ones that beamed off the covers of books by Alfred Bester, Philip K. Dick and many other scifi authors from the fifties and sixties. They WERE the future in my imagination.

AntoMacoda could have easily been a cover artist from those eras. Look through his fabulous gallery at and you'll see what I mean. I chose The Chronos Wave as a sample of his work and, boy, it's wonderful. Featuring a futuristic scifi city scene, Chronos Wave is so beautifully detailed and framed. AntoMacoda really knows how to frame a scene as well. The layout is a perfect example of foreground, middleground and farground, which gives the scene such great energy.

Please visit AntoMacoda's Gallery at for more wonderful scenes created by this talented artist.