Swamp House by Barbara1337

Swamp House by Barbara1337 | Featured Image, Swamp House, Barbara1337, Renderosity artist, 1971s

Swamp House by Barbara1337

Barbara's Quote

I'm 79 years old and take care of an invalid husband 83 years old. Sometimes life just gets a little overwhelming and I need to get away. The best place to go is in my mind since I fiscally can't go anywhere and 1971s has the best pieces with imagination .

Love his balloons and floating islands. Just what I need at times. I used TerraDome2 for the sky and water. Don't know what I'd do without Poser. Thank you for your time. -Barbara Wiedemann

I came across Barbara's Swamp House while researching another gallery and was immediately struck by how well she framed the model. She's also done a wonderful job creating atmosphere for the model, which comes from 1971s fabulous Renderosity store. The brooding clouds in the background portend a coming storm which won't be easy for those who live in the swamp house.

As Barbara points out in her quote, she is 79 years old. I admire someone who still uses their imagination at an age when health concerns tend to dominate. And if you visit Barbara1337's gallery you'll see dozens of wonderfully imagination images of fairies, monsters, and many surreal scenes.

I'm very glad to share Swamp House with you. Please visit Barbara's gallery to see more of her work.