Substance Painter: Now With Substance Source In-App Access And Plenty of New Content

Staff Writer By: Jeremie Noguer

Monday's release marks the first iteration of our new number-less release cycle. Subsequent releases will be named after the current year rather than a major version number. But enough with the technicalities, here is what's new in Substance Painter:

While we are hard at work on major features for the next release, today's update is focused on content. We are bringing Substance Source and Substance Painter closer together and 300 new customizable alphas and patterns have been added to the Shelf, along with new and improved filters, new fonts and more!

Along with a new feature that brings in-app access to Substance Source, Substance Painter 2017.1 adds 300 new customizable alphas and patterns, as well as new and improved filters, new fonts and more.

In-App Access to Substance Source

In an effort to ease the workflow between tools and content, Allegorithmic has integrated Substance Source directly into the Substance Painter UI. You can now browse the online library without leaving your project, downloading materials directly to your shelf.

Alphas and Patterns

New high-quality alphas and procedurals are now available in the shelf, from Celtic to medieval symbols, from brushes, stains, and splatters to geometric shapes and barcodes. Most include procedural parameters, unlocking even more possibilities.

HBAO Ambient Occlusion

A favorite from Substance Designer makes its way to Substance Painter, allowing artists to quickly generate high-quality ambient occlusion from painted height and normal map details.

Live Edge Wear

This filter allows artists to see worn edges adapt in real-time to custom-painted details.

Glow and Drop Shadow

New Glow and Drop Shadow filters, a long-time request, are now available in Substance Painter.

Color Balance and Correction

These two filters allow artists to fine-tune the look of their textures by controlling the shadows, midtones and highlights separately.

Livestream Tomorrow

Integration Product Manager Wes McDermott will showcase all the new features as part of a livestream tomorrow, Wednesday, June 21 at 12 p.m. PST.


This release is accessible for free to all Substance Painter 2 - Indie license holders, and to Substance Painter 2 - Pro license holders who purchased after January 1, 2017. Substance Painter 2 Indie license holders will keep getting free updates until Sept 30th, 2017. For an explanation on the numbering change, please visit Allegorithmic's website.

For the full list of new content and fixes, check out the changelog page.