Structures Spatiales by Claude19

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

Structures Spatiales by Claude19 | featured images, digital art

structures spatiales... by claude19

We are very enthusiastic about fractal art here at Renderosity magazine and claude19 is on of our favorite fractal artists. Creating fractal art requires a unique combination of artistic intuition and careful technical planning. Sort of a left/right brain combination that not everyone can master.

Structures spatiales is a masterpiece of fractal art and shows just what can be done with this difficult but highly rewarding art form. Claude19 manages to combine wonderful color with converging shapes in such a way that the resulting image is no only pleasing to the eye, but mysterious as well. Is it a machine? Is it alive? It is a spacial anomaly? As I've mentioned here many times, great art often creates an entire world beyond the frame. Structures spatiales creates a world I'd very much like to explore

If you'd like to see more work by this exceptional artist, please visit claude19's gallery at It's filled with wonderful fractal art.