Smith Micro has released an early Christmas present

Staff Writer By: SchelleFire

Smith Micro has released an early Christmas present | Poser, Smith Micro, Renderosity,

Smith Micro announced Monday, Dec. 18 Poser Version 11.1 is now available for digital download, according to an email.

Current Poser 11 users can download the update at no additional cost. For users of previous versions of Poser, they can upgrade to 11.1 now for $49.95 regardless of the version they are starting from (as long as they have a valid serial number).

Get it here. Or read more about it on Smith Micro's blog.

In addition to improvements, here are some brand new features making their way into Poser 11.1:

• 3D Animation Path: Now you can create and manipulate a 3D path on the project scene and have an object travel that path while animating it at the same time.

• Keyframe Identification and Categorization on the Animation Palette: Group keyframes by categories and/or themes and easily identify the existing keyframes within each group. Additionally, the Animation Palette now shows the number of keyframes that a group contains at any given frame and also allows for management and assigning of categories to keyframes

• Paul v2 and Pauline V2: New versions of the Poser 11 figures Paul and Pauline that include a number of enhancements and improvements as well as new photorealistic textures and variations.