Smith Micro hands control of CLIP STUDIO PAINT back to developer

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Smith Micro hands control of CLIP STUDIO PAINT back to developer | Smith Micro, Clip Studio Paint, Celsys, Comic books, manga,

Smith Micro announced Wednesday morning, Oct. 25, a new chapter in the life of CLIP STUDIO PAINT/Manga Studio 5.

"Several years ago, we took on a challenge with a company called CELSYS. Our challenge was simple yet exciting: get CLIP STUDIO PAINT / Manga Studio 5 into the hands of American comic and manga artists. In this time, we helped build CLIP STUDIO PAINT into the world's leading comic and manga creation software. Now, we are ready to embark on the next journey of putting our world-class technical and business skills to work towards creating the next global brand," Smith Micro's blog post said.

CLIP STUDIO PAINT was developed in 2001 by the Japanese graphics software company CELSYS for the digital creation of comics and manga. In 2007, Smith Micro took over distribution and technical support of the software outside of Japan.

Starting Oct. 28, CELSYS will take over completely, handling download licenses and technical support, in addition to continuing as CLIP STUDIO PAINT's software developer.

According to Smith Micro's post, users will be able to continue receiving support without any gap.

"Although CELSYS is a Japanese corporation, their capable English support staff will be more than happy to provide stable user support," the post said.

The new CELSYS support system is as follows:

  1. CLIP STUDIO PAINT 's online license activation system has been and will continue to be operated reliably by CELSYS.

  2. Software updates have also been provided regularly by CELSYS, and can be accessed and downloaded from CELSYS's homepage.

  3. Technical support is provided at CELSYS's support desk. Additionally, users can use the official CLIP STUDIO PAINT user Q&A community CLIP STUDIO ASK.

  4. Copies of CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO purchased from Smith Micro can be upgraded to EX via CELSYS's homepage.

  5. Smith Micro customers can still purchase packaged copies of CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO and EX from Smith Micro websites, while supplies last.

  6. If you need help with license key retrieval for any software purchased from Smith Micro, continue to contact our Support Team for this assistance.

  1. Smith Micro's social media channels, which include Clip Studio Paint on Facebook and @MangaStudio on Twitter, will stay active until Oct. 30. On Oct. 31, these pages will be shut down for good.

    To interact with CELSYS' social media, you can follow them on Twitter here and like them on Facebook here.

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