Sketchfab Expanding Its 3D Viewer to Include VR

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

Sketchfab Expanding Its 3D Viewer to Include VR | 3D Viewer, Sketchfab, VR, Google Cardboard

Sketchfab has recently reached a "big milestone" with its 3D viewer: you now have the option to see your browser-based 3D scene in Virtual Reality (VR). Currently, Sketchfab works with Google Cardboard, but the company plans to expand to include Oculus Rift as well.

Sketchfab at its core is essentially "just" a virtual cube, or 3D scene, in which you can put anything that has 3 dimensions, and share this scene to the world leveraging the power of the web. You can navigate within the scene with your mouse directly on any web page, but with VR it means you can actually put yourself right inside the scene, and walk in it. - Alban, Co-founder and CEO

Sketchfab began in 2012 when it released its 3D/web-browser technology which allows artists to view and share 3D content online. Its 3D viewer is based on standard WebGL technology and works very well. In fact, their website is "hosting more than 500k virtual things."

We have two goals. One is to provide the easiest way for anyone making 3D content to publish it in VR; the second is to provide a huge interactive library of content for all the VR headset owners out there to explore. Get started today and stay tuned as we progress in the VR world! - Alban,Co-founder and CEO

Check out the Sketchfab video below, or try one of their great 3D scenes like Van Gogh's room. It's a great technology that is expanding to include VR.