Siggraph 2017 Wrap-Up and Guide to Video from the Conference

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

The 44th annual Siggraph conference concluded last week after hundreds of events, panels, presentations and screenings. This was my 10th conference and although I was only able to physically attend two days out of the five, there was considerable excitement in the air. One of my press collegues expressed the same observation to me. Perhaps it's that the computer graphics industry is surging now with virtual-reality and real-time rendering being the force that is driving technology and interest. Certainly, the conference was filled with events related to these two growing technologies. However, I think that the increasing use of deep-learning, robitics and artificial intelligence is also a major factor in producing excitement and intense interest.

During the course of the conference, over 600 papers, courses, lectures, panels, installations, artworks, and experiences were shared, culled from nearly 2,000 submissions from around the world. Over 1,800 speakers and contributors participated during the course of the conference. In addition, select sessions that were live-streamed generated significant viewership, with over 29,000 views on YouTube, and over 73,000 views on FaceBook thus far.

On the conclusion of this year's event, SIGGRAPH 2017 Conference Chair Jerome Solomon said, "We had a fantastic, very well-attended show this year! SIGGRAPH 2017 presented more activities, technologies, experiences, and venues than we've ever seen before -Siggraph 2017 blog

Here is a short list of some of the most important events at this year's Siggraph conference. Keep in mind that there are so many things going on at the conference that it is impossible to know everything that occurs. Our short list is just that: a personal selection of events and new technologies that we feel our readers should know about. Please refer to our daily coverage of Siggraph 2017 in the Renderosity Magazine "news" section for more details.

Maxon Releases Cinema 4D R19
An absolutely stellar release of this increasingly popular and easy to use 3D creation application created by Maxon. The line of of presenters at the Cinema 4D booth was remarkable and all of them are (or will be soon) available for screening. Please view our show-floor interview with Paul Babb, the CEO of Maxon USA, for highlights of this great release.

Mettle Mantra
These plug-ins for editing 360 video in After Effects and Premiere Pro CC, will have a major impact on video editing in this format. I was extremely impressed with the technology and thoroughly enjoyed the demo at their very crowded booth. Now that Mettle has been acquired by Adobe, we should see this technology appear very soon in Creative Suite updates. I plan on publishing a full review of Mettle Mantra as soon as it comes out.

Fusion 9 VR
Blackmagic is a wonderful company that focuses on quality and affordability with its customers. An extended chat with a representative at the Blackmagic booth was both enlightening and inspiring. With the release of Fusion 9 VR, the company fully embraces the challenge of creating content for virtual reality.

iClone 7
Reallusion's iClone has always been an entry point for those who want to enter 3D content creation, but don't have the cash for higher end applications. Now with iClone partnering with Xsens and Faceware, their technology will not only lift iClone into the professional world, but will allow its users to create body-motion and facial capture at a cost that is incredibly affordable. Reallusion is attracting computer graphics users like never before. We'll have a full review of iClone 7 and its new motion-capture technology in the near future.

VR Village and VR Theater
There was an amazing variety of VR companies demonstrating their technology in Siggraph's VR Village this year. Although I was only able to explore a small part, I was extremely impressed with the wide-variety of VR technology on display. One company, Limitless, demonstrated a unique way of creating inside of a virtual reality simulation. With this kind of "hands-on" simplicity, there will be literally millions of people creating VR experiences in the near future. The VR Theater is unique to this year's Siggraph conference and provided users with an incredible personal experience of VR as entertainment and learning

Guide to Streaming Video for Siggraph 2017 Events

One thing I love about Siggraph is that so many of the events at the conference are recorded for viewing after the conference is over. Plus, dozens of news sites do spot interviews and commentary on people and technology at the conference. This is a brief guide to some of the major events which you can watch right now.

Keynote: Fireside Chat with Floyd Norman

Maxon Cinema 4D Booth Presentations. Although not available at publishing time, this link will allow you to view all of the booth presentations in the near future. live-stream sessions

NVIDIA News Highlights from Siggraph

Brograph YouTube Siggraph 2017 Interviews

Unity Engine Siggraph 2017 Videos

CG Society's YouTube Siggraph 2017 playlist

postPerspective's Siggraph 2017 Youtube playlist

That's only a small collection of the videos that are and will be available from Siggraph 2017. One source that will continually update will be the Siggraph ACM Facebook page where official videos from the conference will post in the upcoming weeks.

Renderosity Magazine will also be bringing you a personal "Our Siggraph" video, reports on all of our Core Partnerstechnology as it relates to Siggraph 2017 and reviews of conference-related technology as it becomes available. Stay tuned!